FDR Washing Liquid

FANCL Doctor Series is developed under the supervision of expertise of dermatologists. Clinically proven formula that intensively cares for dry and sensitive skin, as well as skin recovered from eczema. Consistent use of FDR Body Lotion can boost skin immunity while giving dry and itchy skin the hydration it needs.

Benefit : Developed by FANCL in conjunction with dermatologists, FDR series is targeting dry and sensitive skin, including skin recovered from eczema. This series can rebuild skin immunity, suitable for baby (aged 6 months or over) and adult. FDR Washing Liquid forms a silky lather that keeps your face free of dirt gently.
Size : 60mL x 1 bottle
Ingredient : Active Key Ingredients: Skin Barrier Ingredient, Glycosyl Trehalose, Licorice Derivative
How to Use : Wash hands. Dispense a (5-dollar-coin-sized) dab on palm. Work up a lather, then cleanse and rinse thoroughly.