Baby Sunguard

Adults or children, we all need sun protection, while children's delicate skin needs sunscreen even more! “Baby Sunguard” is suitable for children aged 6 months or above. Without the use of UV absorbing agents and preservatives, this product is infused with various repairing ingredients, making it effective in blocking UV and external irritants as well as moisturizing your baby’s skin. Being able to be removed with just warm water, this formula with the texture of a moisturizing cream is convenient and easy to use – great for pampering your baby’s tender newborn skin.

Benefit : The UV reflecting agents in the product are wrapped by the formula’s moisturizing ingredients, allowing this sunscreen to block UV and protect your baby’s skin from external irritants like pollen and PM2.5 at the same time. Containing repairing ingredients such as “Betaine”, “Licorice Derivatives”, “Squalane” and “Jojoba Seed Oil”, it can guard your baby’s skin and maintain its moisture.
Size : 30g x 1 Tube
Ingredient : Active Key Ingredients: UV Reflecting Agents, Betaine, Licorice Derivatives, Ceramide Derivatives, Squalane , Jojoba Seed Oil
How to Use : Place a dab on your palm, and apply gradually and evenly on skin.