MCO Mild Cleansing Oil

Want to wear makeup? You have to know how to thoroughly remove it! "MCO Mild Cleansing Oil" utilizes its "Nano Cleansing Technology" to dissolve stubborn waterproof eye, lip makeup, HD foundation and sunscreen in just seconds. Simply with a splash of water, it can completely take off all makeup stuck in the pores, and effectively remove sebum and keratin plugs from within. From now on, you don't have to worry about any harm brought by incomplete makeup removal! With no preservatives and mineral oils, MCO can remove your makeup while protecting your skin!

Benefit : With the "Nano Cleansing Technology", MCO can reach deep into the pores to dissolve and lift makeup particles in just seconds. The formula turns into nano-sized particles when mixed with water and wash off all makeup set in the pores and textured area on the skin. Formulated with "Keratin Plugs Removal Oil", MCO can effectively dissolve sebum and keratin plugs in the pores, preventing pore oxidation and skin aging. With a smooth texture and sufficient thickness, it advances the cushion effect to minimize friction against the skin. The "Moisture Keep Cleansing Formula" can retain the skin’s moisture, leaving the skin thoroughly clean and hydrated after cleansing.
Size : 120mL x 1 bottle
Ingredient : Nano Cleansing Technology, Keratin Plugs Removal Oil (contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil), Moisture Keep Cleansing Formula
How to Use : 1. Evenly apply 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil on face.
2. Gently massage the face for 15 seconds or until the makeup dissolves. Rinse with water and follow the regular procedures of Facial Washing Powder for thorough cleansing.