BC Facial Washing Cream

Cleansing & Washing | Cleanse

All new upgraded formula offers tenacious foam that is even finer and silkier. Its Keratinocytes Capturing Ingredients wash away dead skin cells while cleansing. It causes no dryness after wash, leaving your skin moisturized as if nourished with lotion.

Benefit : Ultra fine foam actively absorbs and washes away dull dead skin cells accumulated over time from decreased metabolism. The deep cleansing, moisturizing washing cream leaves the skin supple with a natural radiance, and facilitates the absorption of skincare products.
Size : 90g x 1 tube
Ingredient : Keratinocytes Capturing Ingredients, Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate, Sea Buckthorn Oil
How to Use : Squeeze out appropriate amount (about 3cm) on palm. Mix with a little water and rub until foams. Cleanse face, then wash off with water.