Scalp Essence

Hair Care Series | Hair Care

Formulated with specially selected cleansing and conditioning essences, FANCL Hair Care series causes no irritation to the scalp while conditioning every strand of hair from the root, giving volume to your hair for a nourished and luminous look.

Benefit : Nourish the roots of your hair with the nutrients they need. Prevents thining hair by stimulating growth and strengthening fine hair.
Size : 60mL x 1 bottle
Ingredient : Panthenol Ethyl Ether, Apple Tanin, Swertia Japonica Essence
How to Use : Before using this product, make sure that hair is clean and dry. Apply twice a day (once in the day and once at night). Press the opening of the bottle directly on the scalp, apply pressure for 30 to 40 times (or about 1mL), then massage into scalp for better absorption.