Smooth Clear AC (tablet)

Beauty Supplement | Improve Skin Quality

All grown up except for your facial outbreaks? Smooth Clear AC can provide acne-prone adult skins with all-round repairing effects, helping ladies fight against outbreaks caused by having natural cycles, a poor digestive system and oily skins right at the source. It can improve your body’s conditions, helping your skin to stay balanced and smooth.

Benefit : Smooth Clear AC adopts a highly effective formula exclusive to FANCL and can provide acne-prone adult skins with all-round protection. It is especially infused with 'plant-based lactic acid bacteria' to promote intestinal health and improve your skin's defensive function. ‘Zinc’ is also incorporated to facilitate skin metabolism to address acne marks.
Size : 60 tablets
Ingredient : Active Ingredients (per daily intake): Vitamin C (100mg), Kiwi Seed Complex (50mg), Coix Seed Extract (45mg), Zinc (3.7mg), Vegetal Lactic Acid Bacteria (50 billion), Soy Isoflavones (12mg), Licorice Root Extract (20mg), Vitamin B6 (10mg), Vitamin B2 (11mg), Chasteberry Complex (4.8mg)
How to Use : 2 tablets daily,take after meals