Healthy Lipid Support (tablet)

Fat Burning and Detox | Heart and blood health

Unhealthy habits such as having an imbalanced diet, problem of excessive eating and a lack of exercise get you into the “high blood lipids club” anytime, leading to terrifying cardiovascular diseases! Healthy Lipid Support has been recognized by the Japan authority as Foods with Function Claims. It may assist in stabilizing the blood lipids. Suitable for those who are concerned about blood lipids.

Benefit : Containing Monoglucosyl Hesperidin and Chitosan, the product may assist in stabilizing blood lipids. Suitable for those who eat out often and have a diet high in meat and low in vegetables.
Size : 120 tablets
Ingredient : Active Ingredients (per daily intake): Enzymatically Modified Hesperidin (contains Monoglucosyl Hesperidin 350mg), Chitosan (100mg), Turmeric Extract (contains Curcumin 20mg)
How to Use : 4 tablets daily, take after meals