White Advance Drink

Beauty Supplement | Whitening

Everyone can wear their own goddess halo! The refresh and tasty White Advance Drink contains multiple whitening nutrients including the Japanese-patented combo and Pineapple Extract which can fight against melanin effectively. FANCL White Advance Drink has excellent dark spots fading and skin whitening effects, and other additional benefits including improving dryness and dullness of the skin caused by UV light. Let’s drink up for a translucent, moisturized and beautiful white skin!

Benefit : The Japanese-patented combo – Olive Leaf Extract and L-Cystine – working together with Pineapple Extract, can facilitate a more powerful whitening strength and fade out dark spots. With Artichoke Extract, it helps to fight against melanin. White Advance Drink also contains moisture-lock nutrient which can effectively nourish dull and dry skin caused by sun damage. Your skin will restore its translucency and dewiness.
Size : 30mL x 10 bottles (10 days supply)
Ingredient : Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Enzymatically Modified Hesperidin, Artichoke Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Niacin, L-Cystine, Pineapple Extract
How to Use : 1 bottle per day (take after a meal)